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Quality Used Vehicles


At our dealership, we stock high quality pre-owned vehicles. We service our vehicles with Manufacturers specific OEM parts to make sure they are in perfect road-ready shape. Interested in our of our vehicles? Ask for a test drive! Can't see the car you like? Our Vehicle Procurement Service will be just what you need!

Financing Available


We are proud to offer finance on our vehicles from as little as 4% flat rate.


Adverse Credit?


 Whether you've had CCJ's, defaults or arrears we can still obtain car finance for you. 


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We Trade Cars

Binns Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 1TA

07525 860 554

Appointments Available:

 Monday - Friday:   8am - 8pm

 Saturday:                10am - 7pm

 Sunday:                   10am - 6pm

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